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Kylin–Bell Lab Instruments has over 20 years of experience in producing small lab instruments and we have succeeded in securing a substantial portion of the Chinese domestic market.  Our company is specialized in manufacturing medical lab instruments and plastic consumption materials, which are highly esteemed in the science and research fields in China.   We pride ourselves in generating high quality products and excellent customer satisfaction.  Our company has long worked closely with various universities...

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        ·  Decoloring Shakers
        ·  Vortex Shakers
        ·  Mini Centrifuges
        ·  Infrared Sterilizers
        ·  Constant Temperature Heating Platforms
        ·  Magnetic Agitators
        ·  Dry Thermostats
        ·  High Speed Dispensators
        ·  Mini Desktop Vacuum Pumps
        ·  Rolling Incubators
        ·  Roller Mixers
        ·  UV Transmissometers
        ·  Micro-Plate Mini Shakers
        ·  Multipurpose Rotating Shakers
        ·  Seesaw Shakers, Multi - tube Fast Shakers
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        Add: Qilin, Haimen city, Jiangsu, China 226125
        Tel: +86-513-82707860、82707780
        Fax: +86-513-82703912   Zip: 226125

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